POLYPHARMA distributes the medical equipment since 1990.


POLYPHARMA Company Ltd is created 1990 under Mr TABOUGUIA Modeste's initiative, its statutory Manager and Managing director. In the opening the POLYPHARMA Company Ltd had a share capital of CFA 500 000 (USD 991.001); in 1994, this capital passed to CFA10 000 000 (USD19 820.034), in 2007 it passed to CFA 171 000 000 (USD 338 922.582) and in 2017 to CFA 270 310 000. This evolution is also perceptible at the level of the jobs. From 03 employees in 1990, we were having a permanent staff of 100 employees in 2019 which every day in varied skills and in every post work to give to the company the supranational size which is the pursuit of all.


POLYPHARMA is a Limited Liability Company. It is created in 1990. Its Head Office belongs to Douala, Coastal Region, located at BESSENGUE Boulevard of the Reunification, between the Red light and the Rail way Station Entrance. Mr TABOUGUIA Modeste is the Statutory Manager (Managing director). To contact the company through the following address:

· BP. 8143;

· Phone in CAMEROON: 8800 2020;

· Phone from INTERNATIONAL: 697 339 088;

· E-mail: polypharma90@polypharma90.com / polypharma@yahoo.fr;

· Web site: www.polypharma90.com.


POLYPHARMA Company Ltd gives for vision to bring to Cameroon and CEMAC countries' sanitary structures, the medical technology fastened to the international standard for the same standard and quality of the care brought to somewhere else populations. It make all this as an innovative and a leading Company.


POLYPHARMA Company Limited is having as a dominating mission of closeness to the sanitary institutions; to put at their disposal consumable, equipment and the equipment which suite to the up to date technology and so as for the medical comfort of the patients. It is also its concern to know that investors of the medical sector do not risk their capital. This is done by giving them a profitability study of every equipment to the request before commitment. Also to make sure that its vision centres with its mission, POLYPHARMA installs, train users on the installed equipment sold and service all of them. In this concern, the advice side is not left a part. We do not only sell equipment, we are interested in the reason why of the purchase.


POLYPHARMA Company Limited is a company of import, export and distribution of medical consumable, equipment, surgical equipment, scientist and laboratory equipment, reagents and laboratory colouring agents. Today, POLYPHARMA covers the whole Cameroon national territory in a warm closeness with its regional branches and point of sale. Indeed, to be closer to all these partners, the company account ( 4 ) four branches namely:

· The Douala Branch (sales.littoral@polypharma90.com) to cover the Coastal Regions and the South West Region.

· The Bafoussam Branch (sales.ouest@polypharma90.com) for the cover of the Western Region.

· The Ngaoundere Branch (sales.nord@polypharma90.com) for the cover of the North Region.

· The Yaounde Branch (sales.centre@polypharma90.com) for the cover of the Center and the South regions.

· The Bertoua Branch (sales.sud@polypharma90.com) for the cover of the South regions and subregions.

· Next to these branches, we have the Bamenda sale point (polybamenda@polypharma90.com) to cover the North West Region.

To have the means of its policy, POLYPHARMA that works on stock, builds two (02) big storage areas of a surface of 4000 M ² built at the Head Office. At the level of every branch, there is a storage area which can take at least a 40 feet container.