For the available products in stock we deliver for an average deadline of two (02) working days, if you are in a CAMEROON city where there is a POLYPHARMA sale point. The average delivery deadline of inside CAMEROON is 7 working days and 15 working days in the CENTRAL AFRICA Sub Region. In case of unavailability of the product in our premises, the delivery deadline will be from 15 to 30 days as from the reception of the payment by POLYPHARMA. Our parcels are delivered by express carrier, the POLYPHARMA company is not thus capable of guaranteeing a precise hour of delivery.

Deliveries in operational areas by our sale points are completely free, they are chargeable to the customer when this one is in a zone where we have no sale point.

Any overtaking of more than 7 days of the current agreed date ( 30 working days) allows the customer to denounce(cancel) the contract. Nevertheless a delay in delivery cannot give the right in retained, penalty, compensation or compensation.

It is up to the customer to verify the good state of the goods at the time of the delivery. This control has to concern the references, the quantities, the quality of goods as well as the conformity with the order. No complaint will be taken into account crossed a deadline of 7 working days as from delivery date.

If confided to a carrier, the goods underwent losses or damage, the customer necessarily has to concern precise and complete reserves the shipment document and reiterate his motivated protest in the forms and deadlines planned in the concerned article by the commercial law.

For any problem observed during your delivery, to be willing to contact our customer service on 237 233 433 012.